New York Fall Foliage Report From I Love

Bright, beautiful peak colors spread across New York State this week.

Foliage Map Week 8 10/28/15

Week of Oct. 13-19, 2016

Leaf conditions excellent for Columbus Day Weekend travel

This is the fifth 2016 Fall Foliage Report for New York State. Reports are obtained from field observers and reflect expected color conditions for the coming weekend.

Spectacular vibrant peak and near peak colors are making their way across New York State, creating another excellent week of leaf peeping, according to observers for Empire State Development's I Love New York program. Nine of the state's 11 regions will see peak or near peak colors.

In the Adirondacks, peak conditions with bright leaves and near complete color change await travelers to Saranac Lake in Franklin County this weekend, according to spotters in Malone. Look for reds in full blaze and lots of yellow deepened to gold. 

Spotters in the Mt. Arab and Tupper Lake areas expect just past peak foliage this weekend with 85-90 percent change and saffron, clementine, russet, burnt sienna, ochre, cinnamon, and scattered paprika leaves of above average brilliance. With the unseasonably warm temperatures the leaf peeping extravaganza will continue providing an ideal time to take a paddle on the many waterways to snap the perfect reflection photo and climb one of the many peaks in the Adirondacks to absorb the vivid panorama. Spotters in Crown Point in Essex County expect 75-100 percent change, with more change to come in the valley, while the flanking hill and mountainsides are more colorful. Overall, there will be near peak to peak conditions. Look for average to vivid yellows, oranges, and some bright sparks of red, intermixed with greens yet to turn. Foliage is peak, vibrant and colorful in Ticonderoga, with all shades of yellow, red and orange.

Lake Placid will be just past peak this weekend, but some trees are still in the process of changing and there is still amazing color. Spotters are remarking that this is the best year for color anyone can remember. Oranges, yellows, bronze, reds, deep purple and still some greens are still dominating the hillsides. The red maples and oranges of the sugar maples are incredibly vibrant this year. Whiteface Mountain and Veteran's Memorial Highway in Wilmington should be just past peak this weekend with still beautiful looking trees displaying a wide range of vibrant fall colors. The highway is open until October 16.

Spotters in Warren County predict peak leaves for the northern part of the county and near peak for the southern portion. Both areas have yellows, oranges, reds and muted rusts. Foliage is expected to be just past peak in the Indian Lake area of Hamilton County. Look for 90 percent color change with very vivid shades of red, along with bright yellows and oranges. Foliage will be just past peak, according to spotters in Speculator. Look for red, yellow and orange leaves of above average brilliance.

In the Catskills, spotters reporting from Greene County note the county will be at full peak this coming weekend with 100 percent color change and very brilliant reds, yellows and oranges. Spotters note that Hunter may be just a little past peak. Other spotters reporting from vantage points above 2000' expect magnificent color to continue through the weekend, with brilliant shades of red and yellow at all elevations and perhaps just a little past peak. Leaves will be peak in Sullivan County this weekend with 100 percent color change and bright bouquets of brilliant oranges and russet reds infused with caramel and a spattering of yellow and green. Delaware County should see another weekend of peak conditions with almost 100 percent color change and vibrant red and gold leaves. Some leaves are falling while others are just turning. Observers reporting from Kingston in Ulster County expect 50-60 percent color change and near peak conditions by the weekend with brilliant leaves of yellow, burgundy and hints of brighter orange, yellow and salmon.

In the Capital-Saratoga region, expect near peak to peak foliage with 70 percent color change in Saratoga County, according to spotters in Saratoga Springs. The colors have changed dramatically within the last week. The full range of fall colors are visible including bright reds, yellows, and oranges, along with ambers and greens. In Voorheesville, Albany County, spotters at Thacher Park expect peak conditions with 80-100 percent change, depending on the area, and shades of bright yellow accented by touches of bright red. In Schenectady County, spotters in Glenville expect more than 50 percent color change with many bright, brilliant orange and yellow leaves, along with touches of red and even some beautiful pink shades. In Northville, Fulton County, spotters at Lapland Lake are predicting 75 percent color change and near peak for the weekend with bright shades of orange, red and yellow. Spotters reporting from the Adirondack Country Store in the town note rapidly increasing color and predict leaves could hit peak this weekend in the higher elevations of the area. In Rensselaer County, spotters are reporting big changes and near peak conditions with 50-60 percent color change in the western and southern portions of the county and 65-75 percent change in the eastern and northern parts. Colors are very brilliant and include bright purplish-reds, oranges and yellows, plus a fine mix of green shades.

Vibrant peak foliage is arriving in Central New York. In Utica, expect peak conditions with nearly 100 percent color change. Bright oranges and golden hues are the predominating colors; there are subtle highlights of reds and plums. Chenango County spotters based in Norwich expect nearly complete color change and peak foliage this weekend with yellow, red and orange leaves of average brilliance. Cooperstown spotters in Otsego County expect 80 percent color change with bright red, orange and yellow leaves near or at peak as the leaves quickly turn. Binghamton area spotters expect peak conditions with 70-75 percent color change and bright red, yellow, orange and green leaves. Spotters in Mohawk, in Herkimer County, predict 75 percent color change with brilliant red, orange and gold leaves at peak this weekend. Peak foliage will arrive in Schoharie County this weekend, according to spotters in Howes Cave. Very bright leaves of all colors abound. In Madison County, spotters checking in from Canastota expect near peak conditions this weekend with 60 percent color change and bright shades of orange, yellow and red dominating along the Erie Canal bicycle trail from Chittenango to Canastota to Oneida. Spotters checking in from Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site in Fort Hunter expect midpoint foliage with 45 percent or more change and shades of darkening green with yellow and increasing oranges and reds throughout the park.

Near peak foliage will permeate the Thousand Islands-Seaway region this weekend. Expect 90 percent color change and near peak in Jefferson County, according to spotters in Alexandria Bay. Predominating colors are brilliant shades of green, orange and red. Look for 60-70 percent change and near peak in Oswego County by the weekend. A bright patchwork of reds, oranges and yellows blanket the trees throughout northeastern Oswego County, making the journey sublime. Along the lakeshore, the remaining green leaves have taken on a dull pumpkin tint as the clusters of bright purples, reds and oranges continue to expand. In St. Lawrence County, observers predict less than 70 percent color change for the weekend with dull to average red, yellow, orange, burgundy and mauve leaves along with the remaining green. Most areas should be peak with some pockets past peak.

Most of the Finger Lakes region is moving from the just beginning stage of foliage change to midpoint of change, and even near peak in some areas. Spotters reporting from Steuben County predict 75 percent change in the Corning and Hornell areas and 50 percent around Keuka Lake. Leaves are at midpoint to near peak of change and include average to bright shades of red, orange and yellow. In Schuyler County, Watkins Glen leaf peepers predict 60-75 percent color change with bright yellow, orange and red fall colors and near peak conditions. Spotters in Elmira, in Chemung County, expect 60 percent change with bright orange, red and yellow leaves at near peak and peak in some pockets. Livingston County leaf peepers at Conesus Lake in Geneseo predict 50 percent color change and midpoint to near peak conditions as a wide range of bright colors begin to emerge. Yellows are being joined by bright red maples, burgundy, crimson and some orange. Oak trees still remain fully green.

In Tioga County, spotters in Owego project midpoint conditions with 50 percent color change showing vibrant shades of green, red, yellow and brown. Spotters in Canandaigua, Ontario County expect midpoint foliage with 65 of trees to be changed by the coming weekend. Look for average to bright varying shades of green, yellow, orange and red. Just north of Rochester and near Lake Ontario, spotters in Greece predict midpoint conditions with 45-50 percent change as the coloring of the leaves continues to expand both near Lake Ontario and towards the southern part of the county. Trees are starting to show nice hues in the bright sunshine, but are still muted under most conditions. Predominate colors are yellow-green, and yellow with some hints of orange, red and brown. The bright reds and oranges seem to be of a smaller percentage this year. In Rochester, look for 30-35 percent change and midpoint conditions with yellow and green leaves, along with some russet and a few red leaves. About 55-60 percent of the trees remain green.

In Ithaca, Tompkins County, spotters predict 60 percent of the leaves to have changed by the weekend. Leaves are of average brilliance and there are lots of varied shades red, yellow, orange and brown. In Cortland County, you can expect about 60 percent color change and midpoint conditions with bright red, green and orange leaves. In Cayuga County, Auburn-based spotters predict 50 percent change with brilliant yellow and orange leaves at midpoint of change. Seneca County visitors should expect 30-35 percent color change and still beginning conditions this weekend with mostly green leaves and emerging yellow leaves and orange and red leaves of average brilliance. In Syracuse, Onondaga County, spotters expect foliage to remain at beginning of change, with about 30 percent color transition this weekend and muted to above average shades of yellow, red, orange and purple emerging from the primarily green backdrop. Foliage is still in the early stages of change in Wayne County, according to spotters in Lyons. Expect 20 percent leaf transition by the weekend with muted touches of red and orange. Spotters in Penn Yan, Yates County, expect 30 percent change and early to midpoint conditions. Bright to brilliant leaves of orange, yellow and red are popping with some patches of dull brown, and spotters are reporting some places where colors are more intense than they've seen before. Also in Yates County, spotters in the town of Rushville say to look for change in the early stages, around 15 percent, with mostly green leaves and touches of burgundy and yellow of average brilliance.

Peak and near peak foliage comes to the Chautauqua-Allegheny region this weekend. In Cattaraugus County, spotters reporting from Little Valley expect peak conditions with 65 percent color change and shades of green, yellow and rust of average brilliance predominating, along with some shades of red. At Allegany State Park expect around 60 percent color change. The park is showing a great deal of yellow and some red spotters are predicting this weekend to be the close to peak colors and the perfect weekend to enjoy the fall colors there. Chautauqua County spotters reporting from Chautauqua expect near peak conditions this weekend with 65 percent or more color change and average to bright leaves of orange, along with shades of red and yellow.

In the Greater Niagara region, Genesee County spotters in Batavia predict near peak foliage this weekend with 60-75 percent color change and vibrant yellow, orange and red leaves. Spotters in Orleans County predict midpoint conditions for the weekend. Expect 50 percent color change inland and 30 percent change near Lake Ontario. Bright shades of green and yellow are highlighted by touches of reds. In Erie County, spotters in Buffalo expect midpoint to near peak conditions and 35-40 percent color change with bright yellow/gold leaves, along with shades of red and purple. In Wyoming County, look for 50 percent change with bright red, yellow and orange leaves. Niagara Fallsspotters expect 25 percent foliage change by the weekend with dull to bright leaves of all color and midpoint conditions.

In the Hudson Valley, foliage spotters in Hudson, in Columbia County, expect 80-100 percent color change and peak conditions by the weekend with golden yellow and orange leaves highlighted by deep reds. Trees will be at peak at Bear Mountain State Park in Rockland County, with orange, red, and yellow leaves of average brilliance. Spotters in Newburgh, in Orange County, expect gorgeous peak leaves of all shades of yellow, gold, orange and red this weekend. Foliage will be at midpoint of change in the New City area of Rockland County. There's still some green, but it's quickly giving way to brilliant shades of red, purple, yellow and orange. Orange County spotters in Goshen predict 80 percent color change with very brilliant scarlet, yellow, peach, wine, and lime green leaves at near peak. Look for 50-70 percent leaf transition and near peak conditions in Dutchess County by the weekend. Spotters in Poughkeepsie note many beautiful shades of yellow - mustard, gold, deep bronze and bright canary - with just the right amount of orange and a really good dash of red to spice things up.

Color change is expected be about 20 percent in Westchester County, according to spotters in White Plains, with some trees showing hints of bright red, yellow and orange.

On Long Island, spotters in Nassau County expect 30-35 percent color change, depending on the area, with yellow, orange and some red leaves of average brilliance. In Suffolk County, spotters in Riverhead at Tanger Outlets expect 25 percent color change and yellow, orange and some red leaves of average brilliance. In >New York City, spotters at Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx expect 10 percent change with mostly green leaves along with a few lighter greens, dark yellows, dark reds and browns of muted brilliance.

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